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Furniture Removals Cape Town – Tips for Moving Your Art

Furniture removals Cape Town companies are no strangers to moving large, unique and expensive pieces of art. Sometimes, art costs more than the house it is being moved to, so it is really important for packers and movers to protect their investments during house moves around the City, and especially during nationwide removals. In this post, we talk about the best ways to protect your assets during a house or office move.


  1. Invest – some more


You’ve paid a lot of money for your art, and you know that fixing damage that may occur during a shared load furniture removal can taint the integrity of a piece. You will have to pay money for a repair that might look flawless, but it will never again be done by the original artist. Go the extra mile to invest in proper, reinforced boxes and wrapping materials. Don’t use bicycle boxes, as the structural integrity of your box is crucial in protecting your art.


  1. Copy the methods of the experts


Just like every piece of art is open to interpretation, every expert has his or her own opinion on how best to protect your art during a house or office move. Furniture removals Cape Town companies recommend that collectors speak to gallery owners or other collectors they trust to get their opinions on how to move art, and take it from there.


  1. You can never have enough bubble wrap


When it comes to protecting expensive art, you can never protect it enough. If you’re not sure that it is protected sufficiently, add bubble wrap. If adding bubble wrap makes the piece too big for the original box, buy a bigger box.


  1. Be upfront about it


When getting quotes from Furniture removals Cape Town companies, let them know how many pieces you have and how valuable they are. The company will advise whether or not they can help you, and what their policy is regarding insuring and protecting your art.


Some art collectors use local galleries or special art movers to help them move their investments, but by being upfront with your Furniture Removals Cape Town company, you can ensure that packers and movers take extra care with your art.MOVING FAMILY 3

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