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International Relocations

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international relocation

Everything You Need To Know About International Relocations

Moving your household goods to an international location is slightly more complex than moving it within the country. Hence you need the help of somebody who has experience in this field. There are a number of critical processes in international relocations.

International Relocations: Planning

There has to be an action plan here. You need to know when you need to move, and whether your goods will be traveling with you. In case the goods are travelling separately, they should not be reaching before you as there would be no one to unload them over there. Also, you may have to visit the new location first in order to find a suitable place for yourself. Only then you would be able to provide a moving address to the international relocations company. Besides, make sure that all the permits and allowances are in place so that you or your stuff is not stopped anywhere.

International Relocations: Get The Moving Estimate

The moving company has to conducts a pre-move survey in order to prepare an accurate estimate. This has to be a door-to-door rate that will be all-inclusive. During the pre-move survey, inform which items you wish to ship and what you plan to store. Point out the items that would need special handling. There may be some items you want to ship by sea, and some by air. Also inform about any special access considerations that may apply at your new residence in the new place. This can include specific timings for moving things, stairs, narrow elevator or even a narrow street. This way you would be able to get a fairly accurate estimate.

International Relocations: Packing Details

You need international relocations professional packers in order to prepare your shipment for international transport. Make sure that they provide all packing materials and are making use of industry-proven techniques in order to facilitate international shipment. Ask them to take special care of all your high-value and delicate items. These will have to be documented and security seals will have to be placed on the cartons. This can be an added measure of protection for these delicate and expensive goods.

Once these goods are packed, the international relocations company will load them into wooden shipping containers that are also known as lift vans. Or else these may be loaded directly into a steel ocean container at your residence. Then your shipment will be transported to the port of departure. Once here, this container will be loaded onto the ocean vessel or an aircraft as decided earlier, for international transport.

International Relocations: Customs Clearance

On reaching the port of arrival, this household goods shipment will be processed by the customs authority. Then it will be cleared for transfer to the pre-decided destination. Now your household goods will be transported and unpacked at your new residence. Or else, you may even ask your shipment to be delivered into storage in case you are not ready to receive these goods. This is the standard procedure that is followed for international relocations. Request a Quote / Enquire about our International Relocations Services Today!

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